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The best place to sleep in the world
that you would want to come back...

Five reasons that make SUMIYA the world’s best place to sleep

  • Mattresses, made in Hiroshima, that have been researched and developed for the maximum comfort.
  • Plasmacluster air purifiers with humidifying function keep the humidity level perfect for sleeping.
  • Light blocking curtains, essential for pleasant sleep.
  • Dimmer controlled lighting systems support optimum sleep.
  • We offer educational information on how to improve your lifestyle and health in order to optimize your sleep quality.

Our commitment to hospitality for our guests

  • We greet you with “welcome sake” or “welcome matcha (powdered green tea)”. Other complimentary drinks, such as coffee, tea and green tea are served in the lobby.
  • A currency exchange machine that supports 12 currencies with the best rates & the lowest fees in Hiroshima.
  • Yukata (casual summer kimono) experience, in various colors and patterns, is available for going out to dinner or sightseeing.
  • Within the 1st floor of the hotel is a Tourist Information Center where we offer the latest, most accurate information that’s new to most visitors. ​
  • Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the facility. LAN is also provided in all rooms.